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Y. is the question we ask over and over!

Why this? Why that? Why now? Why Ana Miranda?

Well, I don't have all those answers, but I can tell you a little about me and hope we'll eventually meet! Maybe work together!!

I'm a thirty one years old graphic designer and illustrator! I took my Graphic Design degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. After university I decided to take half a year to live, work and explore Cuba and Latin America. I really enjoyed the living aboard adventure, so then, I decided to move to Barcelona to explore the incredible city of arts and attend a master in Creative Illustration at Bau - Design College! After that, came Sófia, where I did an internship and collaborated in the creation of corporate design systems.

I'm currently back in Porto (a great city!) working as a freelancer, looking forward for commissions and collaborations that can take me any place on earth!

Why Ana Miranda? You tell me!

© Created by Y. Ana Miranda. 2017

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