Y. is the question we ask over and over!

Why this? Why that? Why now? Why Ana Miranda?

Well, I don't have all those answers, but I can tell you a little about me and hope we'll eventually meet! Maybe work together!!

I'm a twenty seven years old graphic designer and illustrator! I took my graphic design degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Oporto. After university I decided to take half a year to live, work and explore Cuba and Latin America. I really enjoyed the living aboard adventure, so then, I decided to move to Barcelona to explore the incredible “city of arts” and attend a master in Creative Illustration in Bau - Design College! After that, came Sófia, where I did an internship and collaborated in the creation of corporate design systems.


I'm currently back in Oporto (a great city!), looking forward for commissions and collaborations that can take me any place on earth!

Why Ana Miranda? You tell me!

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